Con Tech Safety Policy


Safety Matters

Con Tech Building Systems, Inc., takes safety on every jobsite in the highest regard and importance. Con Tech is committed to providing a workplace environment conductive to safe work practices and stresses that safety is always be the highest priority on any jobsite.

The objective at Con Tech Building Systems, Inc., is to maintain a safety program that will minimize and control the number of disabling injuries and illnesses by eliminating risk. Additionally, we focus on balancing our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) in an effort to remain below the industry average. 

Our goal is to achieve the highest standard of safety throughout all phases of our operations. We are capable of achieving this goal by staffing every project with an OSHA 30 card holder and this helps ensure all employees have a suitable work environment that is free of avoidable hazards. When a hazard presents risk, we take a proactive approach to prevent injuries. Furthermore, we develop an emergency response plan for every project to respond quickly and effectively if an incident occurs.

Con Tech Buildings Systems, Inc. has this company policy in place to maintain safe working conditions on all projects. This safety program conforms to the best proven practices in our industry. Our program requires our employees full cooperation towards safety measures and all employees shall be trained and equipped to control our highest priority during the course of work under any contract; Safety.

Gary Young

Director of Safety

Phone: (315) 287-0135